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Significant achievements in the business process and digital collaboration domains:

  • Developed a new customer-focused, social media oriented, digital environment, enabling organisational change through customer self-service 24/7 at Telecom NZ aimed at reducing $100+ million annual costs of operating call centres;
  • Re-engineered current state processes for a not-for-profit enabling an ERP/CRM solution enabling the enterprise to benefits realisation from $24 million to $70 million over four years without increase in head count;
  • Analysed, re-engineered business processes for IP Australia improving customer service, staff productivity reducing operating costs of over $9 million;

Director Business Process || Digital Analyst || Architect

MBA & Associates

August 1986 – Present (30 years 7 months)

Performing in enterprise transformation requires multiple skills/experiences, i.e. business and process analysis, strategy development, business architecture, ICT solution procurement, vendor management, business case development, project and change management.

Following are selected accomplishments using these skill sets:

  • Analysed, modelled and re-engineered business processes for IP Australia improving customer service and staff productivity, and reduced operating costs of up to $8.5 million.
  • Reviewed the financial, accounting and reporting processes of a coal mining business and streamlined processes across its two mines and joint venture with Rio-Tinto speeding up reporting.

Kenneth Mortimer

Analyst/Architect in Business Process Improvement & Digital Business Transformation. Available Now for a New Opportunity

Kenneth’s principal skills are connected to BPM (Business Process Management). Being a Certified Process Master (CPM), he can conduct a gap analysis and business process analysis for your organisation. His aim is to obtain SCOs (Successful Customer Outcomes).
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